Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Jazz-Bird-Pig Truce

Katrin came by last night and we worked on Jazz' obsession with the birds and the pigs. He was a good boy about it and was able to sit and take treats right beside all of the cages. He is still a bit too over-interested in them, but with management everyone will survive and be a little happier. Yay! Thanks, Katrin.

This morninhg I was able to feed the pigs and Jazz didn't jump on the pig gate once. Yay, I rewarded him for being a wonderful dog.

As for Jazz staying, I don't think that is in the cards, but I will do my best to make him an excellent adoptee. He is now able to do "down" with an exaggerated hand movement and we have begun working on door manners.

Jazz is settling down quite a bit. Ike still thinks he is a bit creepy. I am afraid Ike is going to generalize and hate all white dogs. He will have a black doggie power thing going on! Oye!


Katrin said...

Ok who do you know that has white dogs he can maybe like???? :-P

JULES & IKE said...

Good point - he seems to like a Bichon in our neighborhood named Carlos - I call him Ike's Latin Lover. Maybe I will have to set up a play date~

He also seems to like Shinto!