Thursday, July 9, 2009

ABC Lyme Support and Lyme Update

Bug saw Cheryl yesterday. He saw her on Friday and then Saturday he was having a tough time jumping into the car and bed. Odd. I couldn't figure out what could have happened - other than his general stiffness (if that's what was going on - I didn't get the titer # until Monday).

Then I remembered that he was tearing around with my mum's dog Nellie on Friday afternoon.

When Cheryl checked him yesterday his sacrum was out.

Doxy Update

When I got home yesterday I had a maniac waiting for me. Bug was frapping (Frequent Random Acts of Play) all around!! I cannot believe 3 doses, a day and a half of doxy, would make such a dramatic improvement. On our walk Bug moved like lighting. He had his entire muzzle in a chipmunk hole before I knew what he was doing/going after. I hope it continues.

Cheryl told me to pick up some ABC Lyme Support. She has used it multiple times with great success. One of her dogs who had a sky-high titer was put on ABC Lyme Support after finishing her doxy and her titer actually showed ZERO Lyme antibodies when they tested her in the future.

I came home from our appointment and immediately went online to try and purchase some. I had a difficult time locating it. It is made by a company called Advanced Biological Concepts (ABC). My Fine Equine was the only place I could find it. needless to say, I purchased the 2# jar immediately.

Cheryl also suggested not bothering with the probiotics until after the doxy is complete. She said I would be wasting my money because the doxy - even if I wait two hours after the doxy has been given as has been suggested by online sources - would just kill the probiotics. She said to do a double-dose once the doxy is complete and then follow it up with regular doses.

I also ordered some Synovi G3 Low Allergen Granules. It does not contain chrondoitin, BUT it has no beef or chicken in it and all the other good stuff I am looking for. We'll see how Bug does on it. If I can avoid giving him chicken or beef, I am happier.

I am feeling tentatively optimistic!


Nancy said...

Glad things seem better with Bug!

manymuddypaws said...

that's good that things are looking up!

Diana said...

Im glad Bug is starting to feel better. Diana

Holly said...

I am so glad he is better! Yeah!

Blue said...

I am so glad to hear that Bug is feeling better! What a frustrating week for you. I really hope this will get Mr Bug feeeling better once and for all.

One of my cooworkers just tested postive for lyme and the meds are making him feel lousy. I'm glad Bug is feeling better than that!