Friday, July 3, 2009

Tues Nite Class with Carmie

Better late than never!

Lately I have been enjoying Katrin's classes more than ever. We have been focusing A LOT on distance and that is a skill I dearly wish to have more of! Above is most of Tuesday night's course - it ended with a wing jump after the weaves which I didn't include in my drawing.

I initially walked the course with one rear cross (at the first 180) and one front cross. Then I decided if I ever want to get better at rear crosses/switch I should run it with two RXs. Right after I made that decision Katrin commented that since it was class we should choose to challenge ourselves! We must have been on the same wave length.

Carmen and my rear crosses ARE improving. They are still not as natural as they are with Bug, but there were a few instances where we really gelled. I was also able to send her to the jumps after the 180 and maintain at least Novice Chances distance with ease. Carmie also NAILED her weaves every single time. I felt like it was a challenging and fun class and I was really pleased with Carmie's performance.

It was really cool to watch Nancy and Remy (AS) run. Katrin gave Nancy a box by the first jump of the first 180 that she needed to stay in and send Remy from. They worked really hard and nailed it a couple of times. I don't think that Carmie and I will get to that point before her eyes go, but I definitely hope to get there with Bug. It was really fun to watch! Their distance skills have increased dramatically in the past year.


101mutts said...

I'm jealous! That looks like fun. Good for you and Carmie and also Nancy and Remy!

(Uh oh, I appear to have been afflicted with exclamation pointitis! I hope you don't catch it from me!)

Jules said...

I, too, suffer from the dreaded exclamation pointitis!

It was an excellent class. :-)

Blue said...

Carmie's weaves were great! And I think you and Carmie have been doing better with distance lately.

I agree, it was really fun to watch Nancy and Remy.

John Heffernan said...

Been working on switches too...