Saturday, July 11, 2009

Belated Tuesday Class Post

Things have been busy when there is minimal time for posting!

I took Carmie to Tuesday's class given Bug's Lyme titer and stiffness. I think I will take Bug this coming week, but at that point he hadn't started the doxy yet and was still acting off in his front.

The equipment was set-up the same as last week but a different course.

This course dictated front crosses! I tried to walk it with rear crosses because that is what I personally want to become better at, but it didn't work. So front crosses it was.

The first run thru I was ON TOP of Carmen. I do not know why. I totally baby sat her. Katrin chewed me out (nicely) and suggested I give her more space and she would move faster. I did in the two subsequent runs and she MOVED much better for me. I was a bit choppy with my front crosses.

Her weaves were snappy, once again. Yay Carmie! I am beginning to believe she really gets it versus feeling like it is a wonderful fluke every time she nails them. I think because it took her SO long to learn to weave I keep thinking her weaves are a hoax she is playing on me!

I can not recall the second course we ran. I just know my first run thru I was RUSHING to my front crosses versus being consistent and it looked ugly, felt ugly, and created a choppy performance. My second run thru I ran much more consistently and it paid off in our performance.

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