Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Recently I have been thinking about supplements a lot. Between Bug having a raging active Lyme infection, mild HD in one hip, and outing my joint supplement of choice the subject has been on my mind. Yesterday DoLittler posted a piece on how Dr. Nancy Kay (Speaking for Spot - Be the Advocate Your Dog Needs to Live a Happy, Healthy, Longer Life) selects supplements. Check out the post; I am hoping some interesting and informative comments are made.

Bug gets a lot of supplements (see below) compared to Ike who is seeing a homeopathic vet.

*The Jameson/Jim Beam featured are not given on a daily basis.

Currently Bug receives the following on a daily basis with his raw meat, cruciferous veggie, and ocassional squash:

Bug Off Garlic (am/pm)

Synovi G3 Low Allergen Granules - Bug is allergic to beef and chicken (am/pm)

Apple Cider Vinegar

Vetri-Science Canine Plus (am/pm)

Vetri-Science Antiox 50 (am)

3V CAPS HP Snip Tips (2 am)

Milk Thistle Plus (pm [now called Canine Puriphy])

Doxy (am/pm)

Once Bug has finished his Doxy he will be taken off the Milk Thistle Plus and put on the ABC Lyme Support. I will also be adding back in the Vetri-Science Cell Advance (I had stopped giving this because it is a pill that needs to be swallowed and he is doing enough swallowing with the doxy!).

With Bug, due to his structure, my performance dreams, and the one hip, I go heavy on the antioxidants. You will note that I also use a lot of products from the same companies (Vetri-Science & DVM).

When Ike was ill and we saw the nutritionist, she recommended the 3V CAPS HP Snip Tips because they have the most DHA/EPA in a bioavailable formula. The same company (DVM Pharmaceuticals) that makes the 3V CAPS makes Synovi G3; they also make a lot of other products commonly recommended by vets. In general I do my best to research what I am giving. I feel pretty confident about Vetri-Science and DVM because of the information available. I may still be unpleasantly surprised at some point, but I feel the odds are stacked more favorably for my dog.

Do you give your dog supplements? Why do you or do you not give your dog supplements? How do you choose your supplements?


manymuddypaws said...

Wicca gets Recovery everyday, and Missing Link Plus aswell. And that's pretty well it. I used to give Salmon Oil but haven't in a while.

Diana said...

I only give my dogs SynoviG3. Diana

Sara said...

I give my dogs icelandic salmon oil.

I have been looking into vetri-science's composure liquid for my nervous nilly Oreo. Maybe I will try it, since you seem to be confident with the brand.

Jules said...

Hmm...Bug REALLY gets a lot of supplements!

Sara, I def. feel comfortable with the brand. I know I have seen the DAP diffuser effects carry over into a calmer attitude overall. I don't know if you've tried that? I plug it into the room where the boys spend the day.

Sara said...

I haven't tried the DAP with Oreo. I had thought about getting the DAP spray for his crate bedding for agility trials though.