Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Agility Class

Last night Ike and I had agility class. The course was motivational and I really enjoyed running it, except…..Ikey was off. He was jumping and doing the a-frame but was slow and not taking the weaves at full speed which is atypical. I stopped part way through the first run (right after his weaves which were not nice) and asked Kathleen what she thought. She thought he seemed to have a hitch in his left rear.

I checked his pelvis which appears to be in and I stretched him. Then we ran a half-course. He was much speedier than the first run but still slower than he’s been. He displayed some sound sensitivity to the teeter, so I am certain at the very least his head is out of alignment.

We continued to run half courses and finished class early so as not to overtax him. I contacted the chiro this morning and hopefully we’ll be able to see her soon. Hopefully just a tune-up is needed.


K-Koira said...

Hope Ike is doing okay. I myself am headed to the vet and chiro next week for my girl who is randomly limping on her back legs in the evenings (and only in the evenings).
Its really good that you know your dog well enough to tell when something is off, even when there is nothing obvious wrong to someone who knows dogs, but is not familiar with your dog in particular

Kathy said...

OOOOH it is always a head scratcher when you know they are just not all there and not quite up to 100%. Hope a quick adjustment does the trick and gets him back to full speed. What a lucky dog to have somoene watch so carefully and know him so has he been feeling otherwise?

Jules said...

Other than being a bit off and being a nudge about the cold he is doing awesome! :) KOW!! And I can't blame him about the cold!

Blue said...

Poor Ike! Hope he's feeling better soon.