Friday, May 6, 2011


Yesterday the boys and I saw our chiro.

Bug and C have a very strong bond. I think because she helped him so much when he was in so much pain. Bug regularly tells her things. He has woken her up in the middle of the night to tell her he needed an adjustment! He told her he was not ready for Adequan injections when I was getting ready to start them. He often tells her specifically where he is hurting.

Last night I put him on the table and he immediately laid down on it. Odd; he has never ever done that before. C said, “Interesting. Let me check his pelvis in a down.” He was out – by a LOT. I knew he was off on the stairs, but that is usually his sacrum. It would have taken us quite a bit of sleuthing to realize he was out in a down if he hadn't told us.

We also checked him in “perch” position because we have been doing that a lot. Bug was out in “perch” position. It now makes a lot of sense that he has been having some trouble with moving his rear feet while on the brick after he was initially so awesome at it.

I love that we have this awesome, intuitive practitioner available to us and that my dog knows he can tell her what’s up. We’re very lucky.


Sara said...

Having someone you trust means everything when it comes to the care of our dogs.

Kathy said...

Wow, you guys are so lucky to have such an intuitive helper to take care of Bug, and having a dog who gets out of aligment a lot (Breeze) it is sure interesting how it shows up in so many things.

Nat said...

It's just amazing what dogs can tell people!

Holly said...

:-) I am so glad that C is so great with Bug!!