Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Ike Rocks!

Here are two videos from last night's class. It was the first class outdoors this year and all the dogs were full of it. Ike was raring to go and so happy!

This is our first run where I did not go deep enough between the jump and the tire and so Ike did not commit to it. There is also a funky cross at the jump before the teeter. If we had a solid rear cross I would have used that there. Great happy run! I left in my rewarding Ike even though it eats up time because it is key to why he is such a happier Schnauzer.

My rewarding was even heavier when I first started with Kathleen, and as it is I think it is a bit heavier than some of my classmates. Ike appreciates the feedback!

This is the second course we ran. I pulled Ike off a jump again. I really need to work on my commitment to obstacles! :)

I am so happy with how we are working together as a team. Things that would have shut him down in the past no longer do. There is so much more JOY!

Thanks, Linda, for being willing to video us!


Katrin said...

WOOOOT!!!! HAPPY SCHNAUZER!!!! AWESOME!!! He was FLYING around those courses!!! This is sooooo terrific Julie I can see why you are so happy!!! :-)

Sara said...

What fun! Yay Happy Ike, and big yay for OUTDOOR agility....finally.

Diana said...

Yea!!!! Way to go!

Brenda said...

Those were great runs! Ike looked liked he was having so much fun! Way to go, Ike and Julie!