Monday, October 15, 2007

Performance Plus Ring Rental

I met up with Shaya and Tom today to practice at Performance Plus in Taunton. While the equipment was in good shape and easily accessible, I spotted WAY too many pinch collars for my personal comfort. So, is it wonky to not want to give my money to a place that promotes their use? I have no qualms about people who have been trained to use pinches correctly using them, it just bugs me to no end to see a trainer pop one on a dog, give joe-average owner a five minute lesson and expect their dog to be okay. I think if joe-average owner were willing to put the time in with their dog (and this goes for the trainer, too) they wouldn't need a pinch. Okay, I am putting my soapbox away. Sorry.

Back to agility....

Considering that there was a puppy class getting acclimated in the building, and Shaya is in her teen years, Ike was GREAT! He paid great attention to me and was very responsive. His weave performance has continued to improve and get faster. He really "gets" the idea of weaving now. He was able to make correct weave entries from some really off angles.

Additionally I am trying very hard to incorporate running laterally and continuing to move, not stopping for Ike. It seems to be paying off.

Towards the end of our hour Shaya asked if I wanted to run Tom and she could run Ike. She and Ike were GREAT together. I was impressed Ike was willing to work for her; he didn't want to leave her afterward. Tom on the other hand did not think I was that interesting. Oye, I can see what it will be like when I have a faster dog. Like Shaya said about Ike, I have time to think. Yup, that's a slower dog for you. And Ike really is faster, I swear!!

Anyway, I feel good about tonight's practice session. Ike continues to surprise me by enjoying agility more and more.


Cat and Tessie said...

You ought to run Tessie sometime. ;)

Her new habit of barking at you before she enters the ring, while you're trying to collect your thoughts and relax, is a ton of fun! :D

JULES & IKE said...

ha, she would be SO annoyed with me. ; )

What is this slow person doing!!!

Katrin said...

Collect your thoughts?! Relax?! What a novel concept!!!! hahaha! Then again I am one of those people who LOVES no gate sheet trials and will get my dog out, warm him up, and walk to the line. No extra thinking involved! Why tax my little brain like that!!?? :-) (and I think I've only gotten lost 3x in my entire agility career, and 2x were in tunnelers!)

Cat and Tessie said...

Merry halloween!

Wee-woo, wee-woo!

Shelly said...



Excuse me--Nothing to see here ladies...Move along now. Funtime is over!!

JULES & IKE said...

That is AWESOME!!! I have to post it for all to see!