Monday, October 29, 2007

So, "Real Dogs Don't Frisbee?"

Ike had a very quiet relaxing weekend. I let him sleep in on Saturday and I went to playgroup at Marlene's house all alone! I got some dog-talking in which is good.

Sunday Ike and I went up to my mother's for a family meal. My nana's cousin is in town from California.

The exciting news is that Ike played with Nellie. Well, Nellie tried to get Ike to play and he sort of did! And he chased the frisbee!! like mad.

So, we are reaching a new comfort level. He is chasing things not only in public, but with ANOTHER dog there. This is big news.

He's a goofball about the frisbee. He chases it and then can't figure out how to get it up off of the ground, so he digs at it. Very cute.


Cat and Tessie said...

Goooo Ike! :)

Is this one of the hard plastic frisbees, or is it the floppy soft kind? It might be worth your while to see if he likes the floppy kind vs. the hard kind. (Tessie thought soft frisbees were pretty cool until I bought her a hard one -- now she says YAY PLASTIC!)

JULES & IKE said... was hard plastic. Maybe I will have to try the soft version and see if that works for the boy.

Katrin said...

Woo Hoo!!! yeah!!!!!!!!

Shelly said...

Good job Ikey!!