Saturday, June 28, 2008

5 Directions # 2

Thursday night we had our second 5 Directions class after a week off. We started class by reviewing “switch” and then segued into working on “Switch” + “get out.” Carmen is starting to understand “switch” - she doesn’t spin as much.

I need to work on her driving to a target plate ahead of me – maybe I could use a toy at home. When she starts to move ahead of me I will click and toss the toy ahead (straight line toss should be easier for me!). She adapted to “Get Out” much easier than Ike did when he was learning it, which is nice. It seems to be a much more natural behavior for her – I am sure it is her foundation.

Once we have practiced “Switch” on one side, Carmen insists that we are still practicing on that side regardless of my body language or where I am – that-that is what “Switch” is. I wonder if giving her separate names for switch, directionals I guess, would help her or add to her literalness. I think I would have a tougher time with it but it might help her.

I am now pretty confident that Ike would enjoy this class – before I wasn’t so sure. I might have to enroll him in it next time Katrin offers it. I have also discovered that while I can not always get my body to do what I want at the right moment I do have a MUCH better understanding of the mechanics of training “switch” and “get out.” I am very excited by this realization. For a long time I was extremely frustrated by my inability to “get it.” Always fun to recognize progress in both yourself and your doggies.

It was a nice class. Makin, Neil, and Lael weren't there (we missed them) and the class felt tiny! Everyone did really well and I was proud of Carmen and Iris; they were both very chill.


Blue said...

Carmen did great on Thurs! She definitely though you were doing things backwards when you tried to get her to switch in the other direction. Both of our girls were really well behaved. Maybe everyone is getting more relaxed?

Katrin said...

Hadn't thought about teaching her 'left' and 'right' (or some other specific always turn that specific way directional), might be worth a try rather than the general 'switch' = turn away and 'here' = turn to me. Good thinking!

Dawn said...

It sounds like Katrin's classes are wonderful, and I know its nice to feel like the handler is getting it too! Sometimes I think my dog is sitting back laughing, wondering what the heck is she doing now??? But I am sure yours don't think that ever! ;o)

ann & partner said...

I like the new picture. Bug is just as handsome as Ike!!

Jules said...

I definately think the girls are getting more accustomed to being out and about with other dogs and handlers. Phew!

Do you think specific directionals would be more or less confusing?

Katrin's classes are GREAT. Dawn, my dogs often look at me like I am crazy - especially Ike. "What?" is his favorite expression

Ann, I think that is my current favorite picture. Cardis are very photogenic!