Monday, June 30, 2008

Pink Kitty MIA

The Pink Kitty has been missing in action lately. What should I discover today when I got home to walk the Bug? Ike has sequestered the Pink Kitty and the Frog in his crate!

Bug quickly remedied the situation while Ike was at the in-laws. Just as quickly he lost interest in the Pink Kitty and resumed playing with his fave toy - the duck!

Upon Ike's arrival home, in his stealthy-Schnauzer-way, he retrieved the Pink Kitty. Phew.

And I did actually practice today! Given the heat, every dog was allotted one cheese stick and that is it.

I had Ike practice Switch since I had the cone out and he was HYSTERICAL. Ike is absolutely happy as a clam and totally convinced he is about to get some cheese cause HE DID IT RIGHT! So funny. I love that he isn't as inclined to quit as he used to be - it blows my mind.

Carmen says, "this shot doesn't do my new cut justice," but it's the best I could do! I still have to thin the furnishings a bit, but eh - I am getting there.

And now for some gratuitous Bug shots.


Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

Have you tried any sort of stripping device for the furnishings?

Magnet knife, Mars Coat King, Furminator, etc?

Jules said...

No! But coincidence, Katrin just recommended that tonight and I am planning on investing!

What do you use on Ms. Tessie's?