Sunday, June 29, 2008


I groomed the dogs yesterday. I did Evil-Joey first because I usually do him last and am tired and feel like he doesn't get the full benefit of the doubt. He was horrendous. When I went to clip his nails he actually really, really tried to bite me versus snapping (which is bad enough). Ugh. Awful, awful, awful. So, for anyone that was thinking I was getting soft about e-Joey. FORGET IT!! He's still evil. And he has some weird scaly skin condition going on. The Schnauzers were good and I continue to revise how I do their furnishings. Bug got a bath and a blow dry!

My friend Marlene sent me this cute link. It's a webcam that you type in different behaviors and the Yorkie does them. I typed in bite, but the best he could do is bewildered! Obviously he is not as evil as Evil-Joey.


Blue said...

Evil-Joey sounds like quite the handful. But that little webcam Yorkie is adorable!

manymuddypaws said...

lets see some pics of the schnauzers with their new do!