Friday, June 6, 2008

More Car Safety

I know I will be investing in more than soft crates for my car. Scary, but important!


K9-CRAZY said...

Great post, I've linked to it because the message is so important!

Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

I'm a little confused.

It clarifies that dog seatbelts are useless... which I've always been inclined to agree with anyway... so good point there.

But they used a crappy airline crate knock-off? I don't get it? I want to see a Vari-Kennel in there. I've broken the crappy vari-kennel knock-offs numerous times in day-to-day kennel usage so it is of no surprise to me that it would give out in a car crash.

It's almost like expecting a halti to protect you from a dog bite.

It would've been one thing if they used various models (I did appreciate that they put the crate in two spots -- behind the front seats, and on the back seat) and did a comparison, but especially with the language barrier, I feel like this hasn't told us anything we don't already know...

...except maybe it will convince people to stop buying vari-kennel knock-offs?

Jules and Ike said...

Thanks, Tracy!

Cat: I think about it this way, considering the amount of people who don't crate their dog in the car period, I *hope* it has shown them a lot. And look at me - I use soft crates in the car - I am definately planning an upgrade.

One of the woman on my Performance Schn. list said she uses these seat belts that are made with the same material as our human seatbelts and are an tested rigorously. I still don't think seat belts are a great idea, but if you don't have the space in your car for a crate they are probably worth checking out. Here's the link.

The other interesting thing that came up on list is the possibility in the wire kennel of the welds coming apart in a crash and impaling human or dog! Eeek.

K9-CRAZY said...

What I think the flimsy crate really highlights is the positions in the car are which are best. It didn't break when it was behind a seat even though it was a weak crate, therefore that is a better place to have the crates overall.

I hope to never find out if my set-up is good enough!

Rocket's Mom said...

I bought a good seat belt device for Rocket but he insisted on nearly strangling himself with it every time. He's clostrophobic of the crate so that's out. He resides in the back of my Equinox with a k-9 barier.

Jules said...

Rocket's Mom: That is absolutely better than loose. it is tough - you want to do what's best for them all but you hae to balance what is possible too. And if there is more anxiety in using the crate or seatbelt - is it worth it?