Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Honor is HOME

Well, the ice has cracked – Ike now thinks Bug is his pal, his very own corgi. He is trying VERY hard to get Bug to play with him. Unfortunately Bug doesn’t quite understand Schnauzer grappling. He shouldn’t feel too badly, Ike doesn’t understand the herding dog mode of play either! Ike doesn’t appear to be giving up on the Bug though – yesterday morning he was spinning in circles trying to get Bug to play with him. Bug was trying but getting a bit freaked out by the grappling and noise. Same thing this morning!

Another break through – last night Ike didn’t go to bed early! He took a nap on the futon. Ike has “space” issues. Typically when we have a dog stay with us Ike retires early until they go home/are adopted/etc. Ike’s space issues extend to his people too, and his best dog pal Carmen. Just because he loves you doesn’t mean he wants you in his space!! Sometimes it is okay, sometimes he would rather go hang in his crate in peace. Yes, I know, somewhat odd in terms of how you expect a stereotypical d-o-g to act. Of course Ike is no stereotype, or maybe he is….the reserved Schnauzer!

Tonight I took all the dogs out into my in-law's backyard (including evil-Joey) on long lines. Bug and Joey tore around the most. Carmen and Ike grappled and tried to take each other out. It was very sweet to see Bug trying to get involved - he wasn't quite sure what to make of their vicious sounding play! So, he settled for herding Joey!! Hooray - this gives me hope for sheep!

Now Honor is asleep at my feet and Ike is asleep on the futon. I can only imagine how tired Joey is.


Blue said...

That's so cool that Ike and Honor getting along! I bet they'll figure out how to play together. It took Iris and Henry a little while to figure it out (Beagle don't play like herders either!), but now they play all the time.

And congrats to you and Carmen on last weekend's trial!

Jules and Ike said...

I hope they end up getting on as well as Iris and Henry!! I feel like I have my very own language immersion program going on. :D

manymuddypaws said...

haha it's funny when two very different type of dogs try and figure out play....the corgis still look at Boone like he's nuts... :o)