Friday, June 13, 2008

Honor "Glamour" Shots

At the PRMSC Specialty the photographer asked if he could take a picture of Honor-Bug for his book (that he shows potential clients). In exchange for allowing him to take the pics he said he would send me free copies - and they have arrived! Now I must send a copy to the Bug's grandmum Holly. Look how handsome.

Yes, I forgot to take his collar off, but considering how impromptu it was I am glad I DID remember to take his leash off! :D


Traci said...

Oh Julie, thank you SO much for sharing these! He's absolutely beautiful!!!!!! *hugs* to my favorite Honor-dog :)

Blue said...

He's so handsome!!! That's so cool that you got some photos of him.

Holly said...


He is oh so handsome!!!!!!!!!!

Diana said...

These are great shots. Diana