Friday, May 8, 2009

Bug's CPE Debut

Tomorrow is Act-Up's 2nd Annual CPE Trial. The premium opened in March. At the time I entered Bug in two Level 1 classes on both Saturday and Sunday. A total of four classes. Two Regular, 1 Wildcard, and 1 Colors.

In Level 1 in CPE there are no teeter or weaves. The course times are generous. CPE Level 1 is an awesome way to get a novice dog (and handler for that matter) acclimated to the ring.

Bug was super at the Tunneler Fun Run a few weeks ago. Since he has had permission to play in class again he has been doing GREAT!!

I am not sure if I will actually run him in both classes on both days. It depends on how he seems. I am lucky that my chiropractor will be on-site and I can ask her to look at him and make sure he isn't too tight, is holding his alignments, etc. I plan on massaging and stretching before and after.

I am both nervous and excited. It will be interesting to see if Bug keeps it together or loses his mind. Anything is possible! I can only imagine how pissed Carmie is going to be that Buggie gets to play too. That's it's not just about her!


CardiCorgiOwner said...

Good luck! CPE is so much fun--let us know how it goes!

Dawn said...

The whole crew here is wishing you and Bug a wonderful time. Enjoy relax and have fun.

penni said...

Go, Bug (and Jules)!