Monday, May 25, 2009

Carmie's Sunglasses

Here is Carmie with her new sunglasses on.

Today I set up a set of six weaves, jump, curved tunnel, and a jump. I practiced sending her over the jump and into the tunnel from about 10' away.

Once the sun seemed to start bothering her I put the sunglasses on. She seems to be willing to do two obstacles before trying to shake them off. She did weaves, jump, shake her head. Jump, tunnel, shake her head. Hmmm.

The big problem with the head shaking is that the sunglasses do move - I will try to tighten them more. At one point she also pawed at them, so.....not sure this will work. I'll try again and see. The fact that she was capable/willing to weave with them on is pretty darn cool.


Diana said...

Yea, it will prbably take time for her to get use to them. At least she did something with them on. Thats great. Diana

K9-CRAZY said...

Have you tried Doggles? You can get them with racing flames on the side :)