Thursday, May 21, 2009


Yesterday both boys saw our chiropractor Cheryl. Bug saw Cheryl because he has a herding lesson this weekend and I wanted to be sure he is in good enough shape to keep it. Ike saw the chiro because he had a GI bout; poor Ike. It is not uncommon for dogs who experience severe diarrhea and vomiting to lose their pelvis or points in their lower back (both are related to the GI).

I am now fairly confident that a lot of Ike’s extreme GI issues are stress related. ::NEWSFLASH:: Ike is sensitive! John had knee surgery on Monday. The surgery was more intensive then we had been led to believe it would be. Tuesday a technician came to the house with a Continuous Passive Motion machine (CPM) to teach John how to use it.

Tuesday night Ike became ill with explosive diarrhea and vomiting ending around 3 a.m. with colitis. Nice. I used his homeopathic remedy to great success. The entire incident started at 4:30 p.m. (Tues) with a very small bit and ended at 3 a.m. (Wed) – less than 12 hours. We did have a small accident in the house yesterday during the day, but no more blood.

Last night he received a tablespoon of steel cut oats and boiled hamburger and off we went to see Cheryl. I am glad I brought him. His lower back was hard as a rock. He did hold his pelvis which speaks to his overall improved health.

Bug continues to improve. His pelvis held and Cheryl did a nice “tune-up” on him. She did some more muscle trigger point therapy with him as he is still a bit tight – although nothing compared to what he was. She noted that his dysplastic side was tighter, which makes sense. She also adjusted the bottom of his hind feet which she felt might help his jumping form. She said it helps with proprioception.

Proprioception, also often referred to as the sixth sense, was developed by the nervous system as a means to keep track of and control the different parts of the body.

She showed me a DIY method so I can do it at class, too.

Other than recommending I give him Traumeel before his herding lesson, she thinks he is good to go! Yay! Now, I will state I obviously wasn’t thinking when I made a herding lesson at a location that involves driving on the Mass Pike during a holiday weekend!! Ah well!

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Blue said...

Poor Ike! Glad he's feeling better. Can't wait to hear about Bug's herding lesson. :-)