Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vari-Kennel, Take 2

Today I watched the trouble-shooting portion of Crate Games and took the cap off my Vari-Kennel. I played with Ike first. I wish I videotaped it; he is hysterical. He offered so many behaviors. We did finally get go in the crate bottom and sit. Such a good boy.

Then on to Bug. Holly thinks he might be using his cardi wiles and playing me as he ate his dinner in a Vari-Kennel when he lived with her. Either way, I am shaping this behavior and not rewarding anything else.

We started by looking at it. Sniffing it. Then one paw in. Then two paws. I took a break every 5 - 7 clicks and played tug with his rabbit/fleece tug. Then back to work. Then all four paws in and FINALLY, all four paws in and turning around. For a while he was scooting out backwards which, while it speaks to his hind end awareness also seems like a scaredy dog behavior to me. Since ultimately I want him sitting in the back of the crate, the turning in the crate bottom was highly desired. We did that three times and stopped for a rousing game of tug and called it a night.


Nancy said...

Yeah Ike and Bug, success!

Dawn said...

Silly Bug, I am sure he will "get it" in no time!

Sounds like he is still holdinghis adjustments well. That is wonderful.

Jules said...

Yes, he is catching on!! And Ike just LOVES anything that involves offering behvaiors. Today on their walk Ike hopped up on a half-barrel flower pot (it was empty) - very silly!

Thankfully Bug's adjustments are holding like a charm! KOW. yesterday was his last day of Traumeel!! Now I just need to make sure he sees Cheryl on a regular basis and I massage and stretch him when he works. Injuries are SO scary!