Friday, May 15, 2009

Ike, my Dear Goober

At 6.5 years old, Ike is finally beginning to be comfortable in his own skin. I mentioned in passing how silly he was last night when I was shaping the Vari-Kennel bottom.

The first time I ever tried to do any shaping with Ike he sat and stared at me – totally stressed. The only thing he would offer was a sit. And he wasn’t really offering it – it was a default behavior. Now he thinks that offering behaviors is the BEST-EST fun ever. Hooray!! It makes me so happy to see his eyes shining, his brain whirling, and no worry at all about possibly being “wrong.”

This morning on our walk he was very interested in a half-barrel planter. The planter was full of dirt, but no flowers.

Ike was walking around it sniffing the dirt in it.

Twice he put his paws up on the rim and before I knew it he had hopped up and was standing on top of the barrel sniffing. It was very funny.

It would have been even funnier if he opted to go the bathroom there!


ann-and-partner said...

That would make poo pick up so much easier wouldn't it? Such a nice dream!

101mutts said...

Ike is a good example that positive training and shaping in particular do work very well with reactive or fearful dogs!

Playing peek a boo in a flower pot would be a funny trick to train.

Jules said...

Thank you, Shaya. I agree. It amazes me sometimes how far he has come. Again, patience is the magic ingredient I think!

Ann, LOL. Wouldn't that be nice!