Friday, May 29, 2009


Carmie finished her Novice Hoopers title tonight with 2 Qs. First run went very smoothly and she had no problems seeing (Q/2) - it was about 6:15 p.m. and I was concerned because it was very overcast and the sun was setting.

Second run, it was definitely dusky and I asked if Carmie could move to the top of the novice dogs (they were running big to small). The club (Addicted to Agility) knows about her eye issue and let her run first - before the Elite dogs (classes were running Elite to Novice). I am so thankful. She had one moment of disorientation and then another where she woo-woo'd at me while running! I replied, "I know - it's hard!" She's such a great girl. just squeaked under course time by 1.61 (Q/3)! Hoopers Novice small dogs must run under 40.8 seconds - Carmie's time on her second run was 39.19 - 14 seconds slower than her first run.

They have changed the rules slightly for Hoopers from the last time we ran it. Now Novice dogs must do 3 non-test hoops, a series of test hoops, 2 non-test hoops, and then a series of test hoops. In the past it was 3 non-test, series of test hoops, 3 non-test, series of test hoops.

While I was nervous about the dusky lighting, I am very glad I entered the classes. Carmie and I had a lot of fun!

Not to be left out, Bug ran in a Tunnelers Fun Run and did a great job sticking with me. He thinks tunnels are great fun! We saw Steeler and Jenn do a few fun runs, too.

We also had the opportunity to meet our blog friends Nancy and Stewie in person. Very cool!

Tomorrow Carmie is entered in Jumpers, Chances and Tunnelers - light permitting. Bug is entered in Tunnelers. Hopefully we will have nice weather!


Jenn said...

whooo hoooo! congrats on Carmie's new title! I was wondering if she got the second Q!

101mutts said...

Yay! Congratulations, sounds fun!

I didn't know they had tunnelers fun runs! I might have taken Tom if I had known. Or at least had the option.

Blue said...

Congrats Carmie!

Dawn said...

Thats wonderful I wish the trials here would have more than one hoopers course over the weekend. Cant wait to hear how tomorrow goes.

Jules said...

Thank yoU!

Shaya: Yup, Addicted and Act-Up typically have Fun Runs the Friday evening before. Cost is $5 a run and it is usually between 4 and 5 pm.

Dawn: I think Hoopers is fun - it seems like it gets a lot harder as you move up into Open and Elite! I wish they had it more often, but I don't think there is a huge following for it - at leat not yet.