Saturday, September 12, 2009

Better Luck Next Year

Today Bug went RWD to a major. He showed great!! The weather wasn't terrific - a little soggy, but the boy didn't care. Kerry's Frenchie puppy Zepp took his first major (at 6 months, 2 weeks) right before Bug's class. Wow!

When I first got there I didn't say hello to him immediately - I wasn't sure if Kerry wanted me to given how well he showed yesterday with just her. Well he saw me - even thought I was trying to hide - and started WHINING. When I went over to say hello he jumped up and down on his hind legs! I do not think I have ever seen him so happy to see me.

This is the last outdoor show of the season for us. Bug will go on a diet and play at fun things. In the spring I will fatten him up again and we will hopefully find our one single point.


Diana said...

Its such a nice feeling when I dogs are so happy to see us. Diana

penni said...

Drat -- the bridesmaid stuff is not fun at all! No small indoor winter show at which you might pick up that last point?

Dawn said...

Well, Reserve is better than last, right? Hopefully that 1 last darn point will come sooner than you think.

Holly said...

Man he looks good in that photo. Darn it! Give him a big hug for me but being RWD to a 4 point major is nothing to sniff at.


PS I think I am logged in under the right name today.

101mutts said...

Was Bug happy like these two dogs?

Yay on the point!