Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Last night was the final Rally-O class of this session. We will be signing up again - Ike is having a blast.

Last night's course consisted of:

1. Spiral Left Dog Inside
2. Serpentine Weave Once
3. Left Turn
5. Call to Front, Finish Left Forward
6. 270 Right
7. Stop and Down
8. Send Over Jump, Handler Runs By
9. Left Turn
10 Slow Pace
11. Normal Pace
12. About "U" Turn
13. Halt, Turn Right One Step, Call to Heel, Halt
14. Halt, 1 step Halt, 2 Steps Halt, 3 Steps Halt

Ike thinks Spiral Left Dog Inside is stupid - or at least that is what Jennie offered. I think that sign falls into that category of Tunnelers for Ike - not challenging and foolish. Alas, you must do the unchallenging signs too, Ike!

We continue to have nicer Fronts. I am not sure why, but I sure am happy about it! I wonder if IS related to his chiropractic adjustments. However, in the past they have sucked regardless of whether he was in alignment or not. maybe our practice is finally clicking.

Ike was a bit tense last night. It was a very full class. Jennie asked if I bring him places where there are lots of distractions and strange people. Oh yes. I travel with bait bag and clicker on each and every walk. I have to. I live close to the down town area and we encounter joggers, walkers, strollers, bikers, etc - all on a regular basis and Ike thinks each and every one of those things MIGHT be a terrorist! And therefore bouncing and barking is certainly called for!

Ike is MUCH better than he was, but we still have moments. You must constantly be prepared for creepy people because Ike CERTAINLY is!


Sara said...

I totally understand having a dog with problems around strangers. I think I will always be working on building confidence in Oreo.

My two dogs went nuts the other morning over a bottle of water on the road. Of course, it has never been there before, so it was VERY suspicious.

John Heffernan said...

Looks like a fun course!