Thursday, October 22, 2009

Beyond Basics #6

Tuesday night Bug and I had our 6th Beyond Basics class. I thought it was our last - however, I forgot this is a seven week session. Woo-hoo! One more class to go.

We worked a lot on stays and recalls with distractions and off-leash walking solo and with another dog.

The first stay/recall exercise we worked on, we all lined up along the long side of the wall. Handlers put their dogs in a stay and then one at a time the handler walked to the opposite side of the room and called their dog. Bug self-released the first time and made a bee-line for me. I am happy he made a bee-line for me and none of the dogs - especially considering we were in close proximity!

I put him back in his preferred position (down) and walked across the room. He waited - patiently - to be released. GOOD BOY.

Next exercise we worked on loose-leash walking. Once our dog was totally connected with us Joyce had us drop the leash. I obviously underestimate both myself and Bug. This is our weak point, BUT I work hard to keep him engaged and he stays engaged! Last night was more challenging because Buster, the intact dog Bug is not fond of, was there.

I started the class out on the right foot though. Buster entered, and I c/t for Bug looking at Buster. Bug thought that was great."Cool. I get cookies for looking at him and not reacting? Sweet!"

Next exercise was loose-leash walking with another dog also loose-leash walking. Then, if we had a nice connection with our dogs, dropping the leashes. Joyce paired us with Tagget (who Bug and I love and is a b-o-u-n-c-y, happy shepherd boy). I was beyond impressed that both dogs stayed with their respective handlers. Tagget's mum does a very good job with him. Actually all the owners do a great job with their dogs.

The final exercise of the night was loose-leash walking around and over a distraction. I used a sample package of Zuke's that had been opened. I let Bug sniff it and then put it down and proceeded to walk around it. Bug thought something was afoot and NEVER once looked at the distraction. To be honest, I think this stressed him out a little bit!

One class left. Boo!! I just found out there is a class after this called Above and Beyond. I am tempted to put Bug in it - I am having such a good time.

No Rally-O this week. We had class, but I skipped it to stay home and sleep. I was WAY too pooped after the trial this weekend.

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101mutts said...

Leash dropping sounds like Leslie McDevitt's "We Don't Need No Stinking Leashes" game. I like that exercise a lot; it's great for Tom.

Glad you had such a great class. Yay Bug!