Sunday, October 4, 2009


This week the NY Times published an article on probiotics in their Well Section titled Probiotics: Looking Underneath the Yogurt Label with a companion piece titled Probiotics: Health or Hype.

The main piece addresses the current fad of adding probiotics to food, what it means if a food has a label that says it contains probiotics, the health benefits, and the strain of probiotics that contain the most "good bacteria" (Lactobacillus GG [often called LGG]). Perhaps most interesting to those of us that show our dogs in what is sometimes a high stress environment for them: Studies show that all of these strains are associated with reducing diarrhea.

I found the Probiotics: Health or Hype piece to be just as interesting as the main article. Included in the comments are personal stories from people using probiotics to help with chemo, IBD, and many other GI effects.

Interestingly enough, I just listened to a podcast from Genome Barks last week titled Canine Nutrition with Deborah Greco that also touted the benefits of probiotics - specifically for coat health and diarrhea.

The homeopath recommended Culterelle to me - I was pleased to see this recommendation confirmed as one of the better choices in the NY Times article.


penni said...

There is a dog product, Probiocyn, that was hghly recommended to me by a long-time lab breeder. At birth, puppies get 1 cc (it's a gel) on the tongue, then another dose every four days. Mom gets a larger dose. I don't know that it makes a difference, but I sure have fat healthy puppies! I intend to use it when we are going to shows or trials as well. I'm in favor of anything that helps reduce stress-related ailments or annoyances.

Jules said...

Ohh, I wil have to check it out. You certainly have fat, healthy pups! They are beyond-cute.

Rob said...

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