Monday, August 30, 2010

Tummy Thoughts

I was speaking to a coworker this morning about Ike’s tummy. I said I thought it was strange that he was feeling ill when he’s been treated with doxy twice before with no ill effects. She commented that her son had recurrent ear infections and toward the end when he was treated with the antibiotic it would make him sick. He developed a sensitivity to the antibiotic. I wonder if that is what has happened with Ike.

Fortunately no more stomach upset. I am giving the Pepcid AC and feeding hamburger and rice. Test results should be in today and I have a noon phone call with the CVH!

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Kathy said...

gosh, I sure hope there is no sensitivity, glad the meds and hamburger are taking care of the tummy troubles so far. I can not wait to hear the test results, you guys are in our thoughts.....Kathy and the gang