Monday, September 6, 2010

Lyme Disease Webinar

I just listened and watched a Lyme Disease webinar called "Lyme Disease: Natural Effective Results, Integrative Method" featuring Lee Herzig, DVM (runs a holistic clinic in Belfast, ME) and hosted by Geoff D'Arcy Lic. Ac. DOM. I found it interesting and it is definitely worth listening/watching if you or your dog has tested positive.

A few interesting facts:

Evidence of Lyme Disease has been found preserved in fox dna from 1884 (in Europe). It has also been found in mice preserved (in the U.S.) from 1894. One reason Lyme might be more prevalent now is because the deer population is not being culled to the same extent it was previously.

50% - 90% of asymptomatic dogs will test positive for Lyme.

Dr. Herzig has heard of, or noted (?), relapses around the full moon. My initial thought was "weird!/really?" Then I checked the calendar - there was a full moon on 8/24. Ike woke up unable to walk on 8/25.

Dr. Herzig does not carry the Lyme vaccine at his clinic, nor does he recommend it. He has treated 2 patients that travelled to his clinic after receiving the Lyme vaccine and subsequently died. He has treated multiple patients for neurological symptoms after receiving the Lyme vaccine.

D'Arcy believes in using andrographis paniculata, a natural anti-viral. At a low dose A.P. helps to modulate the immune response; at a high dose it can kill off the parasite. There is a belief that Lyme might spike 3 or 4 days a month. Having your dog on a dose of A.P. will ensure Lyme is unable to get a foothold. (This is one of the ingredients of LD Support.)

Very interesting stuff!


Sara said...

I always know when there is a full moon, because my students start acting crazy. Wonder what it has to do with lyme? Weird, but I believe it.

penni said...

After a full moon, I have lots of calls for criminal representation -- we may be far more susceptible to the pull of the earth than we think we are.

Kathy said...

Wow, that is shocking how many dogs will test positive. I was working in l/d and we always have crazy days on full moon nights, and what is weird is that is when it seems a lot of people have their water break before labor. I think it is really fantastic how you are really looking at everything and making a truly informed decision about how you want to handle treatment. It is hard to really research everything and take the responsability for deceiding what you believe to be the best course and not just going along with what one person thinks....a real testiment to your love and caring ;-)