Thursday, October 27, 2011


Irie has been sleeping through the night since last Thursday – a week today. Pretty darn good for a 9.5 week old puppy.

She is now a big fan of the crate. I expect she will become an even bigger fan once we start playing Crate Games (week 2 of Performance Puppy).

She LOVES to tug and we are working on pairing the release with a word.

I am shaping her “down” using her dinner (she is super food motivated and equally toy motivated – hooray!). Tuesday night was the first time I captured her down, last night went MUCH faster.

She offers a snappy sit and I am working on the competition sit so I will have it if I want to do Rally/Obedience.

She has been coming to work with me and is very well behaved. Everyone loves her and she loves everyone.

She loves people so much I have to started asking her to re-orient to me (with a sit) and I then give her a “Go visit” cue. I could see this people loving biting me in the ass with ring crew, even though gods know I want a dog who loves people after Ike who’s circle of people, while ever expanding, is so small.

She and Bug are getting along really well. Ike is tolerating her and she tries daily to make him play with her (no dice so far). I will say he is spending much more time in the yard with us since she came home!

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