Saturday, November 26, 2011


Yesterday Katrin and I hit the Turkey Cluster at the Big E in West Springfield. I go every year for the shopping, this is the 2nd year I have gone with Katrin. Hopefully I will be going in the future with Ms. Irie (agility) and Bug (Rally) to trial.

We got there in time to watch some of the Flat Coats (Katrin's heart breed) and the Cardis. I got to see both Irie's father, Shade, and her uncle, Magnum. It was nice to see what a nice mover Shade is.

Then we headed over to the agility building in time to catch a very pretty run by Kris and Bette (Bug's cousin) in Exec B Jumpers.

I had sent the boys' collars to EZUsigns to have new id plates put on them, so I picked them up. I also got a fabulous deal on fish skin chews. Victory Raw was there and they were her show special - 50% off. So I bought $20 worth, the pups are set for a while! I also picked up some freeze dried cod at the Bravo! tent and some dehydrated duck feet (the pups LOVE THEM!!!).

I guess I should revise the statement that I go for the shopping, I really go for the treat shopping! And of course it is lovely to run into other dog people that I only see at trials, etc. Oh, and I also picked up a little something to send with Cardi Claus!!

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Kathy said...

Now that sounds like fun....I can get into dog shopping for sure! ;-)