Thursday, March 6, 2008

Glimpses of a new Ike (and Carmen, too!)

Lately I have been seeing a new side of Ike, and I am really chuffed about it!

Sign One
His visible dislike of Joey. I know this is not typically something to get excited about, but Ike’s typical response to things he does not like is to leave. Recently he has told Joey off a couple of times. Very interesting.

Sign Two
I recently drove past Ike and John on a walk. When John got to our street he released Ike knowing I had seen them and would be in the driveway. Ike booked it to the driveway (about 100’ – 120’). I stood out in the street to welcome him and I have never seen Ike move so fast. There were no leaps and galloping, this was a beautiful flat-out run. Hmmm…

Sign Three
He tugs at home!! He tugs in a public venue with other people nearby. HOORAY!!!! HOORAY!!!! HOORAY!!!!

I am also starting to see a more confident Carmen.

Ms. Carmen doesn’t have a lot of experience out in the big bad world and is a furry squeaker. (She whines when nervous.) I have noticed a MAJOR decrease at class. Yesterday at the chiropractor, while she was still being squeaky, there was no shaking. And once we got into the examination room, while Ike was on the table, Carmen was standing up - paws on the table, peering at Anne, myself and Ike. HOW BRAVE!!! She also wasn’t nearly as squeaky on the ride to the chiro! Yay, Carmen.

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