Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bug's 1st Chiro Appt

The boys saw Dr. Anne yesterday. Anne worked on Ike first so that Bug could have an opportunity to sniff around and get comfortable with the sound of the activator (a tool Dr. Anne uses to make chiropractic adjustments) and the room.

I told Anne what has been going on with Ike and that Cheryl asked that I have him muscle tested for Lyme when I came in. Dr. Anne tested Ike and he is experiencing a flare-up. She said it makes perfect sense considering the spring Ike has had (very ill in Feb. and surgery in Apr.) that his immune system would not be in the best shape.

She prescribed Lym D and Canine Immune Support supplement (Ike is on MORE supplements!). The Lym D is made by Bio Active Nutritional and contains Lyme nosodes. This is my first time using nosodes. Nosodes are homeopathic remedies that are made from the specific products of a particular disease. Apparently nosodes are most effective when the animal, be it human, dog, horse, etc, is in the midst of experiencing the disease or a flare-up. If you are interested, the web site The Whole Dog has a page on nosodes and then links to various additional pages on them – including Christie Keith’s (Caber Feidh) page on nosodes (she believes in using them in the manner in which Dr. Anne prescribed them, but not as an alternative to vaccines which some people do).

Bug’s pelvis was out of alignment – no surprise there. It is probably more uncommon for a dog’s pelvis to be IN alignment than out when they first visit the chiropractor. Other than that he was in good shape. He was awesome on the table for Dr. Anne. He could have cared less that Anne was touching him and using the activator. I swear I see a difference in his jumping about, but maybe I am just imagining things.

We have an appointment next Wednesday for all three dogs! I want to be sure that Carmen is a.o.k. after her first trial.

Last night when we got home I clipped Bug’s nails. He was a big baby about it, but I bribed/rewarded him with string cheese. He wasn’t horrible, just squirmy (like a bug!) and trying to see if he could get out of the torture. I also combed him a bit. He fur is so thick!! Especially on his bum. Ike of course went and hid in his crate so that I wouldn’t decide to brush him too!


Katrin said...

Ok Julie, just have to ask, "How smart was it to take your dog to the chiropractor where she fixed his pelvis then restrain him after while he is squirming to trim his nails?"

How much ya wanna bet his pelvis will be out again next Wed?

Just sayin'.......

Jules and Ike said...

UGH!!!! Goober.

I hope not!! I guess we'll see if watsed that $$. :D