Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Channel 5 has a video interview up with a woman who lost her dog after a rabies vaccination. Although it was shown at 11 o'clock and only a 2 minute piece it will hopefully prompt some thinking by viewers. And *thinking* is all we are looking for! Here's the link.

The yahoo book club DogRead is watching the DVD In Search of the Truth About Dogs by Catherine O'Driscoll in the month of June. Ms. O'Driscoll wrote a groundbreaking book on vaccines called What Vets Don't Tell You About Vaccines after losing her two Goldens very young. This book has been on my reading list for a while. I don't always keep up with either Dog Read or the Clicker Solutions reading list. I don't have time. However every so often what is on my reading list will coincide with the authors they will be hosting. Yes!! And they have a 10% off deal with Dogwise for people who aren't APDT members (APDT/CPDT members get a discount).

So, I think I will pick up the DVD (which is only $15.95 at Dogwise) and the book!


Katrin said...

So I just love the way the vet says that she nor the other vets that work at that practice have seen a dog die from a rabies vaccine related complication in 25yrs. My question is- so how many dogs have you seen ever infected with the rabies virus in your clinic in 25yrs? Or how about not even death due to vaccinosis, what about autoimmune related life long illnesses that require chronic treatment and care? Or agression and behavioral responses?

And I also love that last line "better safe than sorry" for WHO. The people, not the dogs. So there is a rabies vaccine for people, everyone who works in the vet field has to have it by law, they get titered every 5yrs to find out if they need revaccination. Lets start doing the research to see what an acceptable titer response is to be considered immune in dogs?

And it drives me crazy also that that vet implies that by giving the dog a rabies vaccine you are assuring immunity. NO YOU ARE NOT! You could vaccinate a dog 30x and it could still NEVER have an appropriate immunological response, the chances are rather high that it will, but there is no gaurantee.

and word ver apparently today thinks is Niche day it is "nnichy" guess I should go do something special with my brown boy!

Jules and Ike said...

yeah, I was kind of annoyed by the vet and by the fact that the only alternative view are from a grieving owner. I think that lessens how seriously people will take it (in my mind).