Friday, February 6, 2009

Equipment Foundations #3

Last night Bug asked – “What does ‘Wait’ mean?” Repeatedly!

Although Bug is required to wait at all doors going in or out because he is a bolter, he pretends he does not understand the concept of “wait” in regards to agility.

Very interesting!

Last week he wasn’t great about his “waits.” This week he flat-out SUCKED! And he is asked to “wait” multiple times a day – which leads me to believe that although it could be a context thing (yeah right) it is Bug seeing what he can get away with. Oh that wily corgi!

So, both boys will be practicing stays for the foreseeable future.

Last night we went over a few sequences and introduced two new obstacles, the dogwalk and the poles.

We practiced jump, jump, table. Bug kept breaking his “wait” and when I would ask him to “wait” again he would “down.” He did this repeatedly through the night, so I am leaning toward a “down” for his start-line stay. He slides into a “down” much more naturally than a “sit.”

Then he would pop up on the table or lift his rump. Have to break out the table and practice that too.

Then we practiced the teeter. Buggie is doing great with the teeter. I ask him for a “sit,” but he doesn’t really commit although he does appear to put more of his weight on his rear. Will have to see how that evolves – if a “sit” is the most natural thing for him or something else.

We did Jump, teeter a few times. He is such a goof. I ask him to “wait” on the teeter and move out a step or two. Then I wait for him to make eye contact again before releasing him. First of all, as I said, his “wait” was terrible – he was pretending he didn’t know what it means. So I needed to keep reinforcing that, yes, I REALLY wanted him to wait. Then he would be in a “wait” and get distracted by the smells on the teeter or Sandy and Teddy (AS). It was pretty hysterical. I was doubled over laughing at him as I released him. Goober!

Next we worked weaves poles with cages. At first he blew by them, but it only took going through once before he said, “Oh yeah.” He was pretty confident which makes me happy. Eventually we did, jump, weaves poles, tunnel a few times and he did really well.

Dogwalk was the final obstacle we worked on and since Bug kept offering “downs” at the start-line I asked him for a “down” on the DW. It was VERY funny as he tried to figure out how to make his body do that on the incline. I asked Katrin if she thought I should really be asking for a “sit.” She basically said LET IT EVOLVE. Patience, Julie!!

So, we have a lot to work on in terms of “stay.” I would also like to formally work on “come,” which we have yet to do. I would like to teach both boys a whistle recall for hiking.

I am hoping to work on weaves poles with Carmie this weekend. If I do, I will also work with the Bug.

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