Saturday, February 14, 2009

Light Bulb Moments

This week I have the dreaded upper respiratory thing that is floating around. As a result Bug and I missed his class on Thursday.

Last night I decided to practice Ike's stays since his Rally debut is creeping up and I want to maybe enter him in some other upcoming Rally trials. His stays are progressing nicely (his fronts are still HORRENDOUS!). I think it is time to take them on the road and ask for a "stay" while I walk around him in more exciting locations.

I wanted to work with Bug on "stay" too. The past few weeks have proved to me that he needs more foundation obedience work, and I think he would LOVE Rally. He has such a little worker heart. Hooray!

At first every time I asked him to "wait" while he was in a "sit" he immediately went into a "down." I KNOW the reason this was happening is because I didn't really train "sit!" Hit me now, why don't you. We worked on "down" really hard for herding, but "sit?" Afterthought. So, we practiced lots of "sits" and got lots of salmon/venison jerky for being so smart. Yum!

Then I asked Bug for a "sit-stay." I saw him think about going into a "down" - his front dipped ever so slightly. Then he said, "Oh, sit-stay." I saw his brain piece it together and he held his "sit-stay." I LOVE moments like this. I do not care if they are really difficult situations a dog has figured out or really simple. It is just a beautiful thing to see them make a connection!

We also practiced some flip-finishes and by using Dawn's suggestion of a large step and having him come way behind me I was able to get him fairly straight. We did a little bit of heeling and I think Bug is going to ROCK. I need to get him into an obedience class or do some privates with him. I do not want to end up in the same situation I am with Ike. Bug naturally has that gorgeous look you full in the face - I will walk off a cliff for you heeling - and I do NOT want to ruin it. And I am sure I could!

It was just a brief training session, but Ike's progress and Bug's little light bulb moment (perhaps nightlight bulb moment?) were so gratifying!


Diana said...

Sorry you havent been feeling well. Im so glad Ike likes rally. Sounds like every thing is going well. Diana

Blue said...

I love light-bulb moments! Human light-bulbs and doggie light-bulbs might are one of the best parts of training.