Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tues Nite Agility

Carmen and I had class last night. There were a few odd tires - not sure if the light was hitting it funny? Starting off the line she went around it 3 or 4 times and as we returned to the start line she took it each time!

Other than was a challenging course that required a lot of running - particularly if you prefer front crosses to rear crosses. We did complete one very solid rear cross which was a change in plan, but I will take it. There was no spinning and I was not the one doing all the work!

The course allowed for a fair amount of distance.While I wasn't working my dog from any more than 10' away at a given time (10' would be the extreme distance I *might* [hah!] have worked her from), I wasn't riding the jumps. So that is an improvement or rather it is progress, and again I will take it!

All-in-all it was a good class. Carmie is definitely finding weaves highly exciting/rewarding. Twice I pushed her with my shoulders off course into the weaves. I know this is something I will need to be careful about, but I am excited she is liking her weaves and choosing to do them! Now I just need to fade the final cages. The good news is that I do not think we are due any more snow for a bit. We can practice weaves outside in the cold, it is the snow that's tough.

We are headed up to Derry, NH Saturday to attend the Bo-Gee Agility Club CPE trial. It is at an indoor soccer place, and the footing is supposed to be very nice. To top it off it is only a bit over an hour drive. Hooray!!


Liz said...

Hi Julie
Shelby and I will see you there on Sat. We are only entered in Snooker and Standard level 2 which are the last 2 classes, so probably won't get there first thing in the morning. Snag me a course map if you think of it?

Blue said...

Good luck on Sat!

Jules said...

Liz, I will try to remember to. Sounds like we will see you for Snooker 9we are skipping Standard).

Thanks, Blue!