Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ike's Surgery

My apologies for not letting everyone know how Ike was doing yesterday. After we got home from the vet the idea of logging onto the computer was overwhelming. I was falling asleep on the couch by 8:30!

The vet called around 12 – Ike was out of surgery and groggy. Dr. Kirk said it was a clean surgery – he was able to remove all of the growth. Unfortunately he had to take a bit of the pad due to how close the growth was to the pad. He doesn't think it will take any longer to recover from because the pad removal was on the edge of the pad versus an incision on the flat of the pad.

John came home from work and we went to pick Ike up at about 4. Ike was VERY lethargic and sleepy. Based on human reactions to anesthesia - I would say a typical reaction.

I gave him his homeopathic remedies every hour. First Nux Vomica to help recover form the anesthesia. An hour later Arnica for the trauma of the surgery. Then Ledum for the puncture of the needle and Staphysgria to help deal with the distress Ike might feel about the surgery. Last night Ike didn't want to drink anything but was willing to eat a little snack.

This morning I gave him his Arnica and took him for a unexpectedly long walk (Yay, Ike!) and he did his business. When we got back he ate and took his pain med. He is onDermaxx for four days (1/2 pill per day).

The bandage comes off Thursday and hopefully the stitches will come out next Monday or Wednesday and he'll be ready for agility the following week. We will get the biopsy results in 3 - 5 days. Let's hope it is 3 days! :D

Ike is definitely more like himself tonight. He was wagging at me and asking for his "I'm home treat." (I spoil Ike and give him a treat when he comes in.) John and I were eating dinner and we couldn't find the boy - he had hopped up on the bed. Woo-hoo Ike! Our bed is pretty tall.

Hopefully the rest of his recovery will go as smoothly. KNOCK ON WOOD.


ann & partner said...

Good boy Ike!!

Diana said...

I'm glad everything went well. I was worried when you didnt post anything on Monday, but that understandable. Diana

Makin & Tessa (Lael and Neil) said...

Yay Ike. Wishing you a speedy recovery!