Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rated E for Excellent....who us?!

Too cool. Neil and Lael (or maybe I should say Makin and Tessa?) bestowed Molasses Ain’t Got Nothin’ on Us or (Slow as Molasses - depending on when you met us!) with an award. Ike and I are SHOCKED! And excited.

Being the dork that I am I immediately had to figure out where this viral E for Excellence award started.

Voila! Shannon at The Mommy Project created this award because ....

I started this award because I have greatly enjoyed blogging these last few months. I have received many heartwarming comments, I’ve read touching stories, and I’ve laughed at jokes you’ve written. I love being a part of the blogging community and part of all the friendships that I’ve formed so I wanted to give a blog award for all of you out there that have Excellent Blogs.

By accepting this Excellent Blog Award, you have to award it to 10 more people who’s blog’s you find Excellent Award worthy. You can give it to as many people as you want but please award at least 10. Thank you out there for having such great blogs and being such great friends! You deserve this! Feel free to award people who have already been awarded…

I have to admit that blogging about my training has got to be one of the best decisions I ever made. Blogging about my training has kept me honest with myself, focused, and introduced me to lots of new blog-friends and internet-only friends. My one major lament is the lack of Schnauzer related blogs. The only one I have found that talks about training issues at all is K9-Crazy. Hear that readers who have Schnauzers?! This is a call to action! ;D Tracy and I are lonely (well, I suppose I shouldn’t speak for K9-Crazy).

Without further ado I would like to bestow the E for Excellent Blog award on the following blogs:

By My Side: My trainer and friend Katrin’s blog about her search for her next service dog and subsequent/current training of said service dog, Obi. I like this blog because it is packed with useful information about a topic few are really educated on; and now there are great Obi/James (current SD) anecdotes to read.

It’s a Spring Thing: Cat is a Junior Handler I have known for YEARS from the Agility-for-Fun days. Her first "real" agility trainer recommended keeping a training journal (at least I think I've got that right) and Cat choose the blogosphere. Her blog is why I started my blog – I read it and thought, I can do this. Bonus thought: it will keep me honest (assuming I share the web address - which took me a while to do).

Furry Sock Puppets: This is my friend Michele's blog about the ferrets her shelter (South Shore Ferret Care) rescues and sometimes her own sock puppets too. She has a huge heart which is obvious if you read her blog. It is really interesting how some dog training philosophies do transfer to ferrets and vice versa. When I was fostering the great white beast (aka Jazz) Michele sent me some useful info on sign language for ferrets.

Monty's Training Diary: Katrin's original blog. I am sure Monty feels it should be listed first! All things Monty the hairy termite, and anything that might strike his or Katrin's fancy - or her other dogs' (3 Flat Coats).

K9-Crazy: When I was doing heavy duty research for my future puppy (possibly a GS) I discovered Tracy’s blog about her two Giant Schnauzers. Gorgeous pictures and interesting pieces on Schutzhund and miscellaneous doggie stuff. Swoon. Bonus: Tracy often has a foster pup, too - so there is lots of good socialization for working doggies.

ManyMuddyPaws: One of my favorite blogs. Lots of training talk and doggie anecdotes. MMP is mainly a CWC gal, but she has a PyrShep and a CWC/BC, too. I have a virtual affinity for her PyrShep Boone because he is a wee bit of a scaredy dog and makes me think about Ike. The photos on this blog are typically gorgeous. She and Tracy inspired me to figure out what the heck was going on with my camera and post more pictures.

Dolittler: I discovered this blog via CardiParty and fell in love with it. Information packed, easily digestible, and a frequent poster Dr Khuly is hard not to read on a daily basis.

Makin & Tessa: The Vizlas who started this post. A fun blog about two people who love their dogs and are trying to do the right thing for them – which as we all know involves lots of training and dog sports! It is fun to read about their evolution. I especially enjoy their blog because I frequently get to see them in action and then enjoy the recap.

The Rainbow Dogess: Blue and her red merle Aussie Iris having fun doing doggie things. Blue and Iris were in Carmen's ABC class; It's been really fun to watch as they get more comfortable together every week and I expect it will continue. Iris and Blue have just started to explore herding - a sport I am dying to try.

Team Small Dog: I randomly clicked on this from Monty's Training Diary and I haven't looked back. HYSTERICAL is the only appropriate word.

Thank you Neil, Lael, Makin, and Tessa for this thoughtful award. I hope Ike, Carmen, and future-dog's exploits continue to entertain, educate, and put you to sleep! ;D


manymuddypaws said...

Wow! Thanks! I am glad that you like my blog- it is great fun to write.

I should also say that I enjoy your blog immensley and love that you are posting more pictures these days ;o)

Jules and Ike said...

You're welcome and thank you!

Shelly said...

Why, Thank you, Thank you!! Now, I just have to get around to updating it... LOL

Jules and Ike said...

heh-heh....maybe I had an ulterior motive in giving you this award! ;D