Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Update: Ike's foot, Monty, and Meeting Obi!

It has been quite a few days since I posted. We have had plenty of excitement, just not the fun-sort-of-excitement! Last week Monty was in his glory scarfing things up right and left. I get the feeling the dog-gods are going to send me a scarfer for my next dog. They are breaking me in – first with Jazz and now with Monty. It’s enough to give a girl a heart attack.

On the Schnauzer-front, I groomed Ike and Carmen on Saturday. I discovered a lump that is slightly bigger than a pea on Ike’s left hind foot. The lump is right above the back of the large pad. I took a photo and sent it off to the Performance Schnauzer list and some dog savvy friends asking the question, WHAT is this!?

I clip Ike’s nails every week to two weeks and did not see this lump last time. Hmmm.

Generally everyone thought cyst or abscess. Ike needed to have his blood tested for heartworm, so I made an appointment Monday morning for Monday afternoon.

The vet aspirated the lump in two different locations and prepared some slides. Dr, Kirk *thinks* that it is a benign tumor, but there is no way to know with a 100% certainty without either sending slides out to the pathologist or performing surgery and biopsying it. The vet spent about an hour with me and he essentially said that the pathologist would request a biopsy for confirmation that it is benign anyway.

SO, Ike is scheduled for surgery on the 21st. Originally I scheduled him for the 28th because I didn’t want to withdraw from the Bo-Gee trial (on the 26th). However, Ike has been licking his foot non-stop since the vet visit. All that licking, I am afraid he’s going to cause an infection! So, I called the vet this morning and rescheduled for Monday.

The vet assured me that the recovery should be about 10 days and that after the first week the skin will have healed to about 80% tensile strength and Ike can return to agility. Please cross your paws and fingers that the growth is indeed benign.

We are still planning on playing at Act-Up’s first trial of the season this weekend. I am very excited because Cat and a bunch of Schnauzer people I know from online will be at the Scottie trial (AKC) less than a quarter of a mile away! There will be multiple Miniature Schnauzers, a few Standards, and one Giant named Ellie! There is the possibility that Robin and Soleil (who organized the Webb Anderson seminar) will get their MACH – they need one more QQ. I hope it is on Saturday so I can give her a big congratulations.

John and Carmen will be at the trial in the a.m. – this is the beginning of Operation Get Carmen Acclimated. I am going to take her to the Fun Run on Friday evening, too. As I mentioned last post, Act-Up is hosting a Tunnelers fun run – I think the proceeds will benefit On Course For Kids (assuming it happens this year).

I took Ike to see Dr. Anne tonight and filled her in on his upcoming surgery. She sent me home with an after surgery care-package and under strict orders to come see her Monday night if Ike doesn't appear to be recovering well. If he seems okay we will see her on Wednesday.

Katrin came to pick up Monty at about 8 o'clock. Sniffle. We are going to miss the big goober. He has been a terrific houseguest, even with his snarfing. He got used to the birds so quickly and didn't even bother with the pigs!

Most exciting of all, I got to see Monty and Obi meet! and meet Obi myself. What a doll. I think Monty and Obi are going to be best buddies in short order. John said Obi might be the cutest puppy he's ever met. Wow, big praise from a Schnauzer guy!


Katrin said...

Well Mont is back to his terrorist ways here at home. Running, running, running, running, grabbing toys, barking, running, running, running, running.

My mother said- I think Monty missed us!

Yeah, I think. :-))))

Thanks for taking such good care of him!

WOW! That IS high praise for Obi!

ann & partner said...

I'm so sorry about Ike's foot. Best wishes for surgery.

Diana said...

We have our fingers crossed for Monday. Diana

Jules and Ike said...

Hee, hee....that Monty. I think he thought my house was a bore!! He definitely missed you all.

Thanks, Ann & Diana. I will keep you posted.

manymuddypaws said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Ike! Poor Guy!

Blue said...

Poor Ike! Fingers and paws crossed that the surgery goes smoothly and his recovery is quick!

And just as a coincidence, I think you go to the same vet clinic I do. I don't think there are too many "Dr Kirk's."

Jules and Ike said...

Thanks Ladies. I am of course a worried mum!!

Blue: Would you be open to e-mailing me off-blog about Dr. Kirk? Just curious what your opinion is. I used to see Jackie Warner who I adored but she left the clinic. I am still deciding whether to stay with Dr. Kirk. So far I have been impressed with the amount of time he has spent with us and his openness to alternative methods.

My email is juliegp187 at gmail dot com.

If you don't feel comfortable talking about it that is cool too! Thanks.