Sunday, September 21, 2008

Addicted to Agility NADAC Trial

Addicted to Agility hosted their third NADAC trial in Wrentham this weekend. I entered Carmen in one Regular class, Jumpers, Touch n Go, and Tunnelers on Saturday only. The plan was to scratch from Regular if her weaves were not there yet - and they weren't.

However, there was a slight change of plan. I brought both the Bug and Ike to the trial and the weather was cool (total-Ike weather). I asked the trial secretary if I could put Ike in the regular class and scratch Carmen. I decided I would view it as a donation to Addicted to Agility, nothing else.

Jumpers was the first class we were entered in and Carmen had a terrific run. She had a nice start line stay and I focused really hard on my speed being consistent. This paid off. Carmen confidently moved AHEAD of me - I actually did a rear cross (with no spinning!). I walked the course with a front cross in mind, but when we were running Carmen was ahead of me, so change of plans. I also did a blind cross at the tunnel. Again I intended to do a front cross when I walked it. Really nice run. Carmie almost broke 4 yard per second (3.99 yps). I am used to Ike who broke 3 yps once! Carmie Q'd and placed 2nd.

Next I ran Ike in Regular and it was just flat-out a beautiful run, IMO. He was happy and flying. No hesitation about anything. I think the last three obstacles were jump, a-frame, tunnel. Anyone who has read my blog or seen Ike at a trial knows we had some major a-frame perching going on for a while. We finally fixed it by doing some serious rear-end building last winter and allowing him to essentially have a running a-frame. He charged the a-frame and flew down it. It was gorgeous. 3.24 yps, Q, and 1st place. He had a blast! So I think 1 run every six months might be about Ike's speed. Of all the classes NADAC offers, Regular has always been his favorite. Although surprisingly I think Hoopers might be a possibility - more on that later.

Next was Tunnelers. I had a handler gaffe taking the long way at one point, but Carmen stuck with me and kept working. Such a great girlie. Q and placement.

Touch n Go was a nice course with a dogwalk/tunnel discrimination. I suspected Carmie might have a bit of trouble with this since she is still such a agility-baby and it was set-up so the dog could easily take their preferred obstacle if they so desired. Carmen took the tunnel but turned around for me and did the dogwalk. Good girlie!! I noticed some significant hesitation at the a-frame which reminded me she was weird about the a-frame last time I saw Erin. Carmen was such a contact monster previously that it stuck in my mind. Lisa mentioned that one side of Carmen's rear did appear more developed than the other. Hmmm....

At the end of the day Addicted offered a free training session on Hoopers. Last trial I tried this class with Carmen and really enjoyed it, so I decided I would hang around and listen to the instructions again and run Ike. Here's a link to a previous post on the Novice rules for Hoopers.

Ike had a BLAST!! He really enjoyed it, not only did he willingly and happily play with me - he would have made course time. I am beginning to think that Ike's dislike of trialing/agility is a multi-faceted issue. I think part of it is the people, but I also think a large part of it is that he does not structurally feel good doing agility and then having the Lyme issue on top of that. Hoopers is on the flat, so definitely less wear and tear on his body.

Driving home I was thinking some more about Carmen's contacts in Touch n Go and marvelling that she did them for me even though she obviously did not want to. A member of the Act-Up club is also a chiropractor, so I called and made an appointment with her for today at the trial. Lo and behold, Carmen's pelvis was out of alignment. Cheryl, the chiropractor allowed me to feel the muscle difference prior to adjusting her and Carmen had a very tight muscle on her haunch. Poor baby. Cheryl took care of her and will be at the trial next weekend, so Carmen can have a follow-up appointment.

It was a really nice day - happy dogs, great weather, and great people.


Dawn said...

Sounds like a very nice weekend. The various option sare just one of the many things I like about NADAC. It really seems like there is something for everydoggy there. I hope Carmen feels better since her adjustment. I know Magic sure seems to feel better after he goes.

ann-and-partner said...

Wow!! How wonderful for all of you!

Diana said...

Way to go Ike!!! We are glad you all had such a good time. Diana

Jules said...

Thanks all! It was a super weekend. Esp. seeing Ike that happy.

Dawn, contacts are one of Carmen's faves so she must not have been feeling well. I am betting she feels LOADS better. I love NADAC, too.

Katrin said...


Blue said...

Congrats! That's so cool that Ike was having fun. I happened to walk Iris through the parking lot during your last run with Carmen (I think it was touch and go?), and you guys looked great. :-)

John Heffernan said...

Glad you had a good weekend at the NADAC trial.