Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wheee! Bug

Bug is downing on cue - no lure! Yay!!

Now I just have to work on the onion's down too!!


Dawn said...

In less than 12 hours too. Good Boy Bug!

Traci said...


Holly said...

Yeah Bug!!! What a good boy!

Katrin said...

Can I say he's going to give you the stink eye next? :-P Not to be a downer or anything, but don't get too over joyed just yet, LOL. I'll get the table back out, haha. :-)))))

No, it's really GREAT that he did that today!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!! (so when are you going to take Mont and teach him for me? hehe)

Jules said...

Yeah, i am sure I'll be getting plenty of the stink eye - he was full of it Tuesday! considering it was my kitchen floor - it wasn't a very exciting location.

Nonetheless! Super exciting!! He's a smart corgi - hopefully not smarter than me!