Thursday, September 18, 2008

Crazy Carmie!

Ah, Ms. Carmen. Her class is after the Bug's on Tuesdays. Guess what she did the ENTIRE hour prior to her class? SCREAMED. She had gotten much better about being crated, but recently my in-laws purchased a citronella collar. I think they might be over using it. Now when she comes to class she knows she can vocalize at will. I will have to talk to them about using it more conservatively. I am also going to try bringing a hard crate next class and bringing it into the barn. I'll put it near where my bag and Buggie's water is. Maybe that will help her out.

Carmen had an excellent class. Her start lines are really nice and she is moving for me. My front crosses are definitely getting better! To see the course plan visit Katrin's blog, By My Side.

We need to work on:

- driving into tunnels - particularly where there might be a back cross involved;
- driving up the teeter - we have the creepy-crawlers!;
- handling 180s;
- and, of course, me being more consistent with my speed.

I find the consistency issue to be sticking around. It has a slightly different effect on Carmen, but it still effects our performance and not in a positive way. The biggest difference I notice if I do not regulate my speed is that I run out of room to run and then Carmen says, "why'd ya stop?" and, of course, stops! Whereas it slowed Ike down overall, in addition to making him stop!

All in all a good class. When we got home Carmie played with me in a particularly maniacal way. Love it! She was acting like I was Ike, grabbing my sleeve and TUGGING! I am going to see if I can get her that revved up this weekend at the Addicted to Agility trial.

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