Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rally-O #3

Today was Ike's 3rd Rally class. Ike was in a good mood today and really felt like working. He is starting to believe that Rally really doesn't involve agility equipment and enjoy it completely.

I walked him on the course while Jenny was setting up the signs so he could sniff the signs and cones. He didn't become fixated on them when we were "working" so I feel like it was helpful. Jenny also said I could allow him to sniff the unused signs outside the ring (I neglected to, though). She also mentioned that if he continues to be *too* interested in the signs/cones when I finally get around to trying to trial I could bring a couple with me to let him sniff before we were actually showing. I hope that he'll be over it before then though.

Things I need to work on with Ike:

Our fronts are painfully bad. As I noted last class, part of this is he needs an adjustment. Part of it is a training issue. Jenny recommended that I leave my left foot forward a bit as that is the side his little tush kicks out on. It definitely seems to help, so we will work on it. I also need to remember to not look at Ike but look where I would like his tush to be.

Sit-stay while I walk around him. Jenny has given me quite a few good pointers and at this point we really just need to practice. First pointer, The leash stays stationary while you walk around your dog. i.e. it is on an imaginary hook. Second pointer, don't look at your dog!!

I have worked so hard on eye contact that it is a problem .... for me!! I have been trained to maintain eye contact. gah! ;D

Those are the two main trouble points at the moment. The good news is that with PRACTICE they should get better. Jenny also commented that his turning is getting much better. I think I am thinking less about my feet (which will probably bite me is the @ss later).

I still have to figure out my plan for Ike and Rally. We are both enjoying it a lot. Right now the next session isn't a possibility as I only have once Saturday free in January. There is a weekly Heeling with Rally Moves drop-in class I might be able to manage every so often. Two Sundays a month there is a Rally drop-in class (that I have yet to make it to!). I am also going to be doing some semi-privates in January focusing on heeling. We'll see, I guess.


Blue said...

I wonder if you could get some cones/signs to have in the house when you practice with Ike? I think you could make the signs yourself by printing and laminating them. AKC has some you can print yourself:

Jules said...

Ohhhh, great idea!!!