Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Six Things I Like by Bug Powers

Dawn at Days at Daybreake tagged me! Woo-hoo. Mum doesn't usually let me use the 'puter. Even though I am an excellent typist.

Six Things I Like:

1. Squeakies!! Particularly my yellow-ducky squeaker.

2. Ostrich Tendons - they get so stretchy like taffy - fun.

3. Belly Rubs!!

4. Pillows to rest my head on.

5. When dad gives me something off his plate (bad dad!).

6. Sharing the futon with my bro and mum.

hmmm....I forgot to mention.....SHEEP!!

I will tag Pixel and Miley, cause they're so cute (my type of ladies). And Kota and Strata cause they're just starting agility like me.

See ya later....licks and wags, Bug

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