Sunday, January 11, 2009


Today I was talking to Katrin about Ike's sensitive feet - and the fact that he hates booties. She mentioned that she recently bought some Musher's Secret and maybe I should try it.

On the way home from class I stopped at Coolen's (my local pet supply shop) to pick up some guinea pig bedding. And guess what?! It just so happens that Coolen's carries the small size! I bought some and applied it to Ike's paws (and Bug's front paws). Ike just got back from a long walk - no paw lifting or other foot related issues. Hooray!


Nancy said...

I used this last winter on my jack russell and it works great

Katrin said...

Glad to hear it worked!

Jules said...

I can't believe how well it works! How often do you both apply it? We do street walking every day, at a minimum twice a day.

Katrin said...

I think you apply it every time you go out. I remembered to put it on James' feet today and the ice melt at the hospital didn't bother him in the least, thankfully.