Sunday, January 11, 2009


Ike had his first bout of being ill and being treated homeopathically. It was scary as all-get-out.

However, tentatively I have to say I feel optimistic. The vomiting that Ike experienced this bout is a symptom from the first time he was ill. From my reading:

.....A corollary to Hering's Law is that often an old symptom that has gone away, either on its own or through inappropriate (suppressive) treatment, may return when a curative reaction to a remedy occurs. This return of an old symptom is hailed as an excellent sign, as it means the vital force is able to shift the focus of disease back to the prior condition, which is typically less severe than the more recent malady....

- Don Hamilton, Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs, pg. 50

Additionally, Ike had some incredibly foul sulfur smelling gas, the like of which I hope to never smell again. When I asked Dr. F about it he suggested it was Ike's body's response to the remedy (detoxing). Considering it occurred while Ike was ill and receiving multiple doses of his remedy, this makes sense to me.

What has been the two most difficult things are my uncertainty and my *interpretation* of the lack of understanding from acquaintances. And what I mean by that is I am not sure that they are actually questioning my choices or that is how I am *hearing* it because I am a nervous wreck about my decision. So perhaps there is only one difficult thing - my uncertainty! and lack of being able to sufficiently explain the principles of homeopathic care to people.

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