Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Equipment Foundations with Bug

Bug was MUCH happier about jumping yesterday. Hooray! He was a bit weirded out by the teeter at first, until he remembered it AND he was all over the dogwalk. Those little corgi legs were FLYING!!

I am amazed what a difference there was this week with the jumps. He still tried to go around them a couple of times but was much more committed to them in general. I think this has a lot to do with his pelvis being in alignment and the introduction of the toy to his jump training. Sandy B with Baxter Black (fave LR) was kind enough to lend me her copy of Get on The Ball. I think this will be a HUGE benefit to boy #2 and I was able to schedule an appointment with Debbie GS at the Cluster in November.

We also worked the weaves a bit and Bug showed very little hesitation and was definitely moving more quickly through them – not as fast as classmate AS Aidan, though! I think Aidan is the type of dog who cages make immediate sense to (very jealous Schnauzer owner here).

It was a very successful class, except for one bit. And it will come as no surprise it is the human part of the equation that had the issue. I brought a squeaky for the Bug since he loves toys so much. I figure it is a surefire way to get him all geared up about agility. We both played really well with it at first. Then he started to run out of steam and I KEPT trying to reward him with the toy. I need to learn to put the toy away when my boy gets pooped. I do not want him to associate that pooped feeling with his squeaky. The plus is that I have finally figured out how to successfully use a toy to reward (only took two years) – although I do still throw it too far away. If I can learn use the toy to reward then I can certainly learn to put the toy away before the boy gets too tired.

On a Toe Note:

Monty has made TREMEDOUS nail trimming progress. He seriously tries to hop up on the grooming table when I am there! Silly boy. Bug on the other hand….not so much. : (

Katrin and I are going to stop doing Bug’s nails for a while. He is not getting any better and he is SO stressed out. I walk the dogs multiple times a day on sidewalk and apparently it really does affect how the nails wear because Bug doesn’t have too much that needs to be clipped on a weekly basis. We are going to do his nails once a month and try to bring him over for play dates at Katrin’s. Right now he doesn’t want to get out of the car at her house. : (


K9-CRAZY said...

For the nail trimming, try mounting a large piece of rough sandpaper onto a board, make sure the board is secure and with a clicker shape a scratching/digging motion.

This makes it a fun game that will get the nails shorter without hurting the dog. They automatically extend their toes and use their nails to scratch, you just have to watch that they don't get too enthusiastic and take off too much nail.

The back nails might be harder to train, maybe a kickout? Does the Bug kickout after he pees? You could shape it away from the board and once it's on command introduce that element... just thinking out loud here...

Diana said...

Guiness hates getting his nails done. I have to have someone help me hold him. It makes me feel so bad, that sometimes I just take him to get his nails trimmed. Diana

Jules said...

It is worth a try. At this point I am desperate! And I know Ike at the very least will think that is fun! ;-P Thanks, Tracy.

I am so lucky with Ike - he could care less about having his nails done. I mean it is not his fave thing in the world, but it isn't the end of the world either.

Holly said...

I love the idea of sandpaper on a board! I may have to try this fun exercise with Honor's brother, Luther!

Blue said...

Is it just the nail clippers or does he not like having his feet touched at all? I'm wondering if you could use a dremel instead of clippers with him. Maybe he's just really sensitive to way nail clippers pinch? If you got him used to the sound of the dremel first without actually using it on his nails, maybe he'll like it better?

Jules said...

he doesn't mind toe touching UNLESS you have clippers or dremel nearby. He is very wily, that Bug. Unfortunately! : (