Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Putting it Together – Week # ?

Once again Katrin had a very fun fast course set-up. Check out her blog to see the course map. I am falling into the habit of only looking for rear-crosses and forgetting that there ARE alternatives! I think I am lazy – because Carmen is faster than Ike to get that f/c in I need to be faster. However she isn’t yet fast enough that a r/c is always the answer! I need to remember there are always options/choices and to think about them.

Carmen’s class was a bit of a wash. I think her brain was fried after the weave work. I think mine was too. I was unable to get the crosses in my actual running of the course that I planned while walking – and I didn’t really do an alternatively appropriate move. I just kind of floundered.

Perfect example: Jumps 16 and 17 I tried to do a rear cross sending Carmen to 18. (The act of actually USING a rear cross is still very new to me, given that Ike was my first agility dog.) I absolutely should have done a f/c after 16, but didn't until it was pointed out to me that was a possibility - I couldn't "see" it. I had rear-cross vision.

Carmie was definitely tired, taking wide turns, and not quite the Carmen I am getting used to. A couple of times she started to make a bee line into the other students and dogs like she wanted to go cause a brouhaha. Fortunately she came back to work/play when called. What a very good girlie. Considering how hard she worked earlier, it was a great class. No explosions and she kept working with me.

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