Friday, November 14, 2008

Lachesis and Conformation

The boys saw Anne on Wednesday (and quite a few Maplewood students!) and had some minor tweaking. Anne recommended Lachesis 12c 2x day for 5 days for Ike’s reactivity. Hopefully it will help; he has been ridiculous lately. Anne feels that he is unbalanced emotionally, versus physically – hence the remedy.

Lachesis – Bushmaster
The South American bushmaster snake grows to a length of seven feet and kills its prey, both animal and human, by constriction or by injection of its highly poisonous venom, known as Lachesis, from which this homeopathic remedy is derived. Small doses of the venom can destroy red blood cells and impair the clotting of blood. Larger amounts of lachesis poison the heart. Homeopathic practitioners believe that the conditions best treated with Lachesis are those accompanied by symptoms similar to the ones induced by the venom. To prepare the homeopathic remedy, venom is extracted from the snake and diluted in large quantities of lactose (milk sugar).

The Lachesis individual is like a highly strung bow....

Lachesis is used to help these symptoms: Suspicious-ness, jealousy, talkative-ness (all Ike!). Robin and Anne said it is helpful for the quick and hot reaction.

While we were waiting in the small waiting room for Anne, I noticed that Bug has lost a bit of hair around one eye. What! Oh no!! What could he be allergic to now? Anne tested him and it is the beef. It makes sense since, bad human, I have still been letting him have the odd beef bully stick/tendon now and then. I haven’t gotten around to ordering the fish skin chews or any ostrich tendons. Guess that shows me!!

I am going to hold off on ordering any chewies since I am headed to the Cluster next weekend to shop. Clean Run typically has a big booth and there are all sorts of vendors. Assuming Clean Run is there again (and I assume they will be since it is the largest AKC trial in the country let alone MA) – I will hopefully be able to pick up the fish chews and some ostrich tendons. They carry both in their store.

If not SitStay has the fish chews, ostrich tendons, rabbit jerky, and pork skin rolls - all of which BOTH boys can eat. I am also planning on ordering some dehydrated rabbit ears from Hare Today. which Ike adores. They also carry 6 oz bags of dehydrated rabbit liver and goat liver. I might pick some up for when the Bug starts competing in the conformation ring again since beef liver is now a no-no.

I am planning on entering him in his first UKC show in January (gulp!) and am looking at AKC shows in February. Holly (Bug’s breeder/grandmum) and I talked this week and she gave me her blessing to show him if I would like. I am thinking if we do some shows this spring by the time the outdoor shows begin I will be more confident about the entire conformation experience – at least I hope so!

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