Sunday, November 30, 2008

CGC # 5

Hooray for Buggie!!

Today we did a dry run of the CGC test and Bug did very well. I am particularly proud of his reaction to distraction. Today's distraction was a stainless steel bucket dropped on the ground and someone walking by on crutches. When the bucket was dropped he barely flinched and then looked immediately to me.


He could have cared less about the crutches. For whatever reason he has no fear of crutches or wheelchairs.

Our loose leash walking in the "real world" is going to be an ongoing project, IMO. However, when we are "working" and I ask for a loose leash he does it very nicely.

I am nervous about next week, but that is because I am a dork. Bug was super. I am very proud of him.


Diana said...

Its normal to be nervous. You guys will do fine. Good luck. Diana

Dawn said...

Great job Bug, you too of course. You guys will do fine, but if not, you can always try again.